180 degree wheel to 900

180° Degree Gaming Wheel To 900° Degree Rotation

180° Degree Gaming Wheel To 900° Degree Rotation, Are you tired of playing on a 180° Degree Gaming Wheel ? Because, we can’t turn more than
half of steering and game completes 900 Degrees of rotation from a 180
wheel making it very sensitive ! 180 degree wheel to 900

From my personal experience, i have a Logitech Formula Feedback gaming wheel its a 180 Degrees wheel, 90° Left & 90° Right.

Tired of playing in it one day i gathered my screw driver and open the wheel up . There i found that a plastic slab won’t let it rotate more than 180°.

So, with a handy axe i gently blade back and froth to cut away the plastic slab that was stopping it on 180°.

Then i found out two spring’s which keep the wheel position in center and gives force feedback from tension to be released by the spring. I removed those springs too !

Yeaaah ! Now, i can turn the wheel to 900°but somewhere a wire in between rotation got stressed so i didn’t applied force and use wheel somewhere
around 550° degrees . But the board of my wheel does not supports
rotations more than 180° even if i manually or forcefully turn more it will
not move more in game. My all hard-work was wasted . 180 degree wheel to 900



So, i place the springs back & stick the plastic again with molten plastic .

So, the solution i get was disappointing but satisfactory ! 180 degree wheel to 900

Tweaking the in-game settings to control the sensitivity . Where 70 percent of wheel rotation was as exactly same as in game both accurate . But, more
than 70 makes it sensitive and turn fast to complete the 900 Degrees in just remaining 30 percent of turn in actual gaming wheel .

This is fine and playable . Till around 65 Degrees on real gaming wheel absolutely no problem to control.

Remaining, still fine cause your vehicle will be slow to do a complete steering lock.180 degree wheel to 900

For more details see the video i made on this topic !

180 degree wheel to 900

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