Jaat friend

Benefits of having JAAT Friend

Having a Jaat friend in your group is a blessing see how ? –

You must understand Haryanvi or Punjabi for Punjabi JAT – JAAT FRIEND!

Here Harynavi may sound harsh but they are just talking normally to you . While Punjabis will sound as sweet because of their voice and language .

Rich by money & heart –


JAAT Friends may have MARUTI 800 in garage but do not challenge them in terms of money . You might don’t know their bank balance or property values estimate ! Mostly are farmers having acre(s) of properties . Running real estate businesses or being land-lord is their basic occupation.

Now a days Jats are leading in the world in terms of sports, businesses and entertainment . Still desi by heart !

Fortuner, Endeavor, Scorpio or Safari are first choice for them in terms of cars !


Love for SUV’s always ! from Thar to Range Rover . SUV’s are bae ♡

They are mostly handsome !

Randeep Hooda Pride Of JAT Community !

Born rich, work hard and eat nutritious & dairy products like [Doodh, Ghee, Lassi, Seet or RABRI] food which make their skin glow and make them look handsome for boys and pretty for girls .

Will get into fight for you .

Jaat friend are fearless, strong and powerful they will never think before messing up with anyone and once you are in trouble they will definitely stand by your side .
They are the Judge of their own they will decide whats good or what is bad .


If he is alone he might got beaten by group of people but when it comes for vengeance remember –

You hit me once, “We will hit you twice” .


Mark their words .

They mean if they commit anything & will do it anyhow ! If they do work of their choice they will do it in its best way it can be done . Wherever they shows interest their output for the work will be maximum and the result will be awesome .

Respect to elders and culture –

They may call their Grandfather like (Dada “TU” kit jaave se) that never means they are shameless or rude . They respect the elders at their best from giving their elders foot massage to preparing their Hookah all they serve is respect to the elders .

Their culture, rituals and old sayings are their pride which they like to follow the most .

Folk songs and rash driving –

Car might be lavish or the basic, they love to enjoy rash driving with their music to be at max with folk songs . Its fine but we request everyone to drive safe & not all JAT drive rash .

They are good by heart and one of kind people ! You are lucky if you have a Jaat friend .


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Stay Safe !

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