Assassins Creed Origins – Forgotten Bayek .

If you have played Assassins Creed Origins you must have knows who was Bayek, Assassins Creed Origins Protagonist The BAYEK OF SIWA .

He was the last Medjay of Egyptian kingdom . As Cleopatra was last pharaoh of Egypt and after her death there was no more pharaoh . He served Cleopatra being a Medjay .


What is a Medjay ?
A Medjay is the protector of Pharaoh (King/Queen) & the civilians .

He was living a very nice life . Then group of some masked people came & make Bayek kill his own son Khemu mistakenly .

After that incident Bayek has an odyssey to seek and kill every masked person in that group who killed Khemu that day .

His character was very impressive as he indulges himself from being very jolly and playable mood with kids to killing the Masked one’s with savage .

He & his wife Aya both did serving as Medjay .
And killing all the masked one’s too .

Bayek and Aya
Bayek and Aya

After they killed everyone, Bayek decides to be a hidden one in shadows and kill all corrupt handful of people that are controlling everyone staying hidden under powerful people .

So, after this decision Bayek told Aya that a need creed is born which will be hidden one and with group of Assassins they started to make people live
freely by removing control from those few corrupt people .

Therefore, Bayek was who originated the Assassin brotherhood .

Auditore’s villa’s sanctuary “CLICK HERE TO SEE” in that villa .

Here are idols & statues of most legendary Assassins of all times . Still Bayek wasn’t there Aya was there . Described that she killed Julius Caesar &
Cleopatra . Yes, she did but what about Bayek the one who originated the
Assassin Brotherhood .

I personally felt bad for Bayek never discovered in history & in future /

He was never discovered untill 2017 when Layla Hussain uses animus and relive Bayek’s memory and let’s see what happens in future for Bayek’s appreciation .

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