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Latest Google Adsense Approval Trick India – May 2020

You have a blog or website & you are great at content writing . Google Adsense Approval Trick .

First thing which comes in your mind for your website monetization must be Google Adsense now or later . But, is it easy to get approval ?

Yes easy if you read this whole article & follow the steps . Because of increase in traffic, publishers, population & competition . Getting approval from Google Adsense will be a little uneasy task as Google is now more cautious to websites which are applying as new publishers .

No matter what your country is, make sure you follow these steps & you will find yourself that your Adsense account has been approved .
So what are the steps you must follow to get approval are as follow –

1. Must Have Pages On Site –

  • Home
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms of Use
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy

Post/Category page should also be there for your content .

Don’t be stressed or worry if you do not know how to make the legal pages here i have easy step for you if you don’t know to make these .

2. Theme –

Google likes light theme with default or Google font, don’t try to make your theme dark or make your font designed .

Just be at default & have a light and easy to use theme .

HOME PAGE – With minimum 250 words you must make a homepage . Which must give a quick introduction to your website .

Menu – Clean menu with tabs, letting you know what are you about to open . Menu should be including all tabs like – Home, About Us, Contact Us. etc .

3. Posts / Content –

  • Do never copy any ones content .
  • No adult content, nor strong language.
  • No hate speech or anything which isn’t right .
  • Make 18 to 25 Posts Minimum .
  • Use atleast 500 words on each post .
  • Download free images don’t use someone’s content .
    Free images from like Pexels or buy our own images .
  • Do not do grammatical mistakes, use clean english .
  • Use less images and more text .
  • Don’t mess your paragraphs .
    Use full stops, commas & gap to make paragraph look tidy .

4. Sitemap.xml

If your website has a sitemap it will make easy for google to see all your content of your site .

5. Applying Google Adsense –

Make new and fresh google account . Similar to domain name example – use as its google adsense account .

NOTE – Your website should be atleast 6 months old .

Enter resident address which is reflecting in your contact us page on your website .

After submitting, you will get adcode . Which you have to paste in your website .
Have patience for atleast 1 week . Once adsense is approved your ad will start appearing on your website where you pasted the ad code .

If your application is rejecting, re visit your site and check for any loophole . and let me know in comment section i guess i could help you at a point i can . I am happy to help .

6. TLD

You must use a TLD .
What is TLD, It stands for Top Level Domain . A short an attractive domain name with a good high quality niche content are more like to get approval fast .

7. Visitors

No such visitor barrier my site was new i was getting 8 to 10 daily visits while in approval interval still i got approval . If you have more visitors it is more likely your approval will be fast .

If you want traffic run Ad Campaigns to get more visitors .

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