8 Best PUBG Mobile TIPS & TRICKS To Achieve Conqueror Easy .

Playing PUBG Mobile, You want to play like pro but always got killed like a noob . These few techniques will make you a far better player then before .

1. Got FPS ?

First of all you need a powerful mobile which can make this game run as smooth as babies butt . FPS range in PUBG Mobile Varies from 24 FPS to 60 FPS . Smoother the game, faster you will respond .

What is FPS ?

Frames Per Second, it means the game or video is at a frequency at which consecutive images called frames appear on a display . If 25 frames per second will not make a smooth video, but if you have 60 frames of same video will give you more smooth and detailed response .

ALWAYS KEEP FRAME RATES AT EXTREME, If cant be at atleast ULTRA Frames settings .

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings

No matter, you keep quality at smooth or HDR, its your choice as per capabilities of your device . Frames help you win .

If your mobile is not capable to run the game at extreme or no extreme showing in your device .

Then, your option is GFX Tool, this tool allows you to tweak and unlock the PUBG Mobile frames settings . i highly do not recommend to use this as i have listen many people talking about using GFX Tool, banned them from PUBG Mobile for 10 Fricki’n Years !

GFX Tool, helps reduce graphics more precisely and unlock frame capablities, that help you a lot on mid range or low budget mobile phones, or device which cannot co op with hardware for this game .

2. Controls & Sensitivity !

Do you use 2 thumbs ? while playing PUBG Mobile, and suddenly a player appear on you ASAP you tried to drag left thumb to move, then right thumb to fix aim on them and then tap to shoot. In the mean time player in front of you has blown your ass off !

I hardly recommend if you play PUBG Mobile, use 4 Finger Claw to play in that you can response fast, do more action like running, sprinting, crouching, or prone action while shooting having the aim on enemy .

Okay, it is a little complex but a little practice on your favorite suitable setting may help you to get familiar with it . if you still feel very complex..

Use 3 finger claw, anyhow you must do it if you want to play it like a pro .

PUBG Mobile Controls

This is the settings i personally use while playing .

PUBG Mobile Controls

And set the sensitivity on HIGH ! to respond more quick and sudden aim on enemy and bang !

3. Easy kills .

As you are nice on settings, now its time to kill enemies .
Whatever the gun you may have at start and you encounter an enemy just aim on head and try to maintain the head while you spray or tap fire . A few bullets straight on head will kill him first for sure . but beware of shotguns the shot of shotgun will make your player lose his/her life . hahahahahaaa..

Even if you aren’t able to keep on head don’t give up just keep practicing and aim assist will help you a little, and you yourself also have to maintain the aim of your gun on the enemies head .

No matter how many times you die, just keep practicing until you really feel it coming that you can now aim at head while spray in combat .

See my gameplay video, how i deal with enemies .

4. Patience .

Seeing a lot of footsteps or you are in an ambush .

Fight only if you can if not then go and hide yourself and help teammates hide too. and keep patience till the right moment arrives step out of your hideout and surprise your enemy .

In mean time you are keeping patience keep assuming boosts and keep an eye on health bullets, and reload .

You may not be a warrior, but you must wait till right time comes to fight a little patience will help you and your teammates winning the game .

5. Loot

As soon as you spawn on the location you dropped out of plane . Get yourself armed .

If lots of enemies are with you pickup whatever you get for your safety from pistol to helmet everything . Keep focus on looting automatic AR’s > SMG’s > Shotguns > Pistols > Melee Weapons . Especially a Bag pack .

Don’t stock bullets, maybe your team mates are low on ammo help them by sharing your bullets and equip equally with bullets they may help you in need of time .

6. Play it safe .

If you are not into rank making or increasing K/D ratio . You must play it safe to win .

  • Drop at a little remote place.
  • Keep a vehicle with you to run away.
  • Do camping.
  • Stay a little far from Ambush .
  • Don’t go to loot air drops until you feel confident enough to survive.
  • Snipe out far away enemies without letting them know.
  • Hide in bushes/grasses .
  • etc

7. Camping

Not confident to fight in ambush. then kill from shadows like an Assassin .


Get to a room where there are less doors and windows and no one from outside can see you, and also keep your teammates at same but other position to make a secure room full of hidden assassins .

Let one teammate move a little and shoot random so that other players can rush into to kill him/her. thinking of only one bot is there but once they enter the room fire their heads off. no matter they are 1 or 4 . if they suddenly ambush in room possibly they have a very few chances to survive else everyone there will die and you can loot them .

8. The Last Shrinking Zone .

  • Run along the edges of the zone
  • Hide in Grass/Bushes by Prone or Crouch
  • Better if you can hide in a room or a building
  • Let them all kill each other
  • Spread your teammates and all shoot when enemy spots one of you .
  • Keep boosts full
  • Don’t do anything stupid, like looting death crate or drops .

I hope i covered a lot, please let me know in comments if you want to know more or have another brilliant idea in PUBG Mobile, your idea will be mentioned in next post related to PUBG Mobile, Share with your friends .

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