Best Way To Earn Online In Lock-down From Websites .

1. Monetization or Advertisement’s :-

As we all see many kind of ads online on websites while browsing . They are not only to annoy you, but they keep those ads to earn for themselves and promote the companies .


Earning via ads on website are calculated from many aspects such as –

  • Impressions
  • Clicks On Ads
  • Page Views
  • Invalid Click
  • Page RPM

Each aspects from above varies from traffic site, content and even the companies cut you get to show the ads on your site .

Some platforms where you can get your website ads –

  • Google Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • Algebra Ads
  • Propeller Ads etc .

2. Selling Ad Spaces

If you don’t want to generate passive income but want one shot payment for a particular area of your website page .

You have a nice and attractive content, so you get quite good traffic on your site and you want more money . Imagine your page is like farm and in need of money you want to sell a part of the farm not whole of the farm . In same way you can sell a part of website & companies or local business may buy it as an option to promote their business by placing ads on their location of your page .


3. Sold !

You have done a lot of hardwork and pour all of your dedication in making your content amazing and someone want to make the content that you made can save his/her time by making website . He/She can rather purchase from you for a suitable price where both you and the party agrees to setup the deal . This price may vary on some aspects like –

  • Content Bulk (No. of posts, Pages, The work done on it)
  • Monetization (Is site already monetized will save you a lot of time)
  • Traffic (No. of visitor/audience)
  • Domain Name (Easy and attractive domain names are likely to be more valuable than a complex one)
  • Quality (Theme, Font & Colors tells a lot about the quality of your site)


Sold means the hen giving you egg regularly will be roasted and give you a good taste ones but you will lose the hen .

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